Safety is not just a practice, it’s a WAY OF LIFE!

TruCore Offers Safety Second to None

TruCore Energy prides itself with not only the knowledge of Hydraulic Fracturing and Delivery of Proppant, but the safety of each of our employees and yours.

TruCore Energy’s SAFETY practice is like no other. We look at everything with a proactive approach: Each employee is put through our safety program and a site-specific safety plan to reach and exceed the needs of our customers.

As a part of our ongoing effort to provide the very best in safety practices, TruCore Energy is in the process of developing a Safety Program with ISNetworld to ensure we are keeping up with OUR customer needs along with State and Federal requirements. Each of our employees go through an extensive background check and drug testing. If your company requires more certification please let us know, so we can get additional training to ensure we meet your compliance needs.


TruCore Energy is available to work in any state. With advanced notice and additional information we will ensure that we meet Federal and State Compliances and DOT Requirements for any State in which we will be working.