Achieving Success Through TruCore Values

TruCore Energy is a family-owned company that is continuously growing to meet the demands of the oilfield industry. We believe in Safety First, fairness and exemplary performance from our employees and drivers. TruCore offers a staff of experienced personnel in numerous positions of the oilfield industry.

About Us

TruCore is built on honesty, loyalty, integrity and respect. With over 100 years combined experience in the trucking industry, your livelihood is in good hands. Our dispatch team will get you there 24/7! Our Safety/DOT department is the best in the business, with an innovative passion to keep you safe and informed. Our billing/accounting department understands that the last thing you want to worry about is timely, accurate pay. The advanced diagnostics equipment and years of experience in our shop means less down time and more time on the road. TruCore’s management team drives forward, always looking into the future to insure longevity, stability and security.

Company History

TruCore Energy is a company created from humble beginnings, with honesty and core values as our foundation. Owners Erick and Kim Reneaux sought to grow a company where employees felt as if they were family, where hard work was truly rewarded, and where respect was given freely. As owner-operators themselves, the Reneaux’s understood how imperative stability, family, and hard work was – and wanted to provide that for others.

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Line 5

Like all owner operators and professional drivers currently facing the restrictions brought about by the recent ELD mandate, TruCore Energy struggled with the idea of how to help our family of drivers and owner operators work through the Hours of Service transition from paper logs to ELD’s.

In the Summer 2017 members of our TruCore family began to formulate a plan that would help not only our own drivers and owner operators but all companies that are logistically involved in frac sand hauling for the oil and gas industry. We partnered with several local businesses, organizations and elected officials to lead a movement that would reverse the seemingly negative impact that the mandate had on the frac sand industry and enable our drivers to run legally using the line 5 oil field exemption.

TruCore Energy traveled to Washington DC on February the 14th 2018 to meet with Cathy F Gautreaux, the Deputy Administrator for the FMCSA and her colleagues, to set the changes in motion. We personally spearheaded the successful implementation of the line 5 exemption and on March 22, 2018 received approval in the form of a personal letter addressed to TruCore Energy LLC enabling us to begin the legal use of line 5 for our drivers and owner operators, in an effort to continuously provide a safe and financially beneficial work environment for our TruCore family.

TruCore Energy LLC has, and always will be, a company based in Honest and Hard-Working Core Values. Our dedication to the growth and stabilization of the oil and gas industry is unwavering when it comes to our family of employees and owner operators. We will continue to do whatever it takes to remain a strong voice for those we have currently partnered with as well as future members of our growing TruCore family.